Wednesday, February 6, 2008

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Without any preamble, lets just say that there are times when parenting can be really tough. Sure, there are all the wonderful moments filled with first steps, Christmas pageants and bedtime stories, but as any stay-at-home-parent can tell you, being at home with your progeny is no picnic. Well, actually it is kind of like a picnic sometimes, but just on a really hot day when it’s crowded, the mosquitoes are out, and there’s sand in your lunch. That kind of picnic.

Anyway, that said, there’s really no need to get discouraged, because as bad a day as you may be having, you’re still a better parent than Tina Williams. Yeah, you already know all about her because she and her beer have been the darlings of the last two news cycles, but still, I think most people are missing the point: that she makes the rest of us look like the best parents ever. Thanks Tina!

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Denguy said...

That's one bad scene.