Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mmmmm... validation

So during any given day how often do you experience a serendipitous moment of perfection that embodies both the grandeur and mystery that is life? You know, one of those moments frozen in time that is as perfectly sublime as it is precious? =Not so often, huh?= Yeah, didn’t think so.

I, however, was lucky enough to have one of those moments just this morning.*= To wit: there I was, sniffing around the tubes minding my own business when I came across this little amuse-gueule that’s wonderful if for no other reason that it so perfectly reflects what my boys and I had already been yelling at the TV for months now.

All of which is to just to say that it’s nice to have one’s views validated and expressed so eloquently. =Sort of. Enjoy:

*Of course you have to remember that the bar for what I consider a transcendent moment is set really, really low.

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