Monday, December 1, 2008

Geek Rock and Synchronicity

If by any chance you have kids, you know all too well that having them around is, if nothing else, a mixed bag. On one hand there certainly is a lot of associated noise, smells and angst, but then on the other hand I find that despite those shortcomings, kids are often useful for any number of things. They do, for instance, tend to be small so they fit into tight spaces when needed; they will eat a surprising variety of things in the fridge that would otherwise go bad, and even better: although they never seem to notice things that you and I assume are blindingly obvious, they do occasionally have insights that are downright uncanny.

To wit: about two weeks ago my older boy and I were in the car listening to an episode of You Look Nice Today which included both Hodgeman and Jonathan Coulton. And then, while we were still giggling like little girls, we passed by the Riverspace theater in Nyack and that sharp-eyed boy ‘o mine just happened to look up at the marquee and announce in his typically minimalist way: “Hey. Jonathan Coulton.” (As always, his economy with words would make any Trappist monk proud.)

And so just like that, in a blinding little flash of synchronicity we happened to be listening to Coulton and then the Riverspace Marquee promised that he would be playing there that very Saturday night. (Which is actually not unlike an incident involving Werewolves of London and Trader Vic’s in L.A.; but that’s a story for a different day.)

Anyway, we went to the show that Saturday and had a great time; I shot a little video and even got my copy of Thing a Week signed. I’m such a nerd. Whatever.


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