Friday, May 22, 2009

Sometimes it's all about Me

Just off the top of my head I can’t think of many things for which I’d be pleased to be paid a pittance, but writing seems to be one of them. Financially lucrative? Good lord no. Economically sensible? Of course not. =But… getting paid a pittance to write is not a bad place to start as it begins filling a few of those intellectual holes I seem to have been developing lately.

So then, let the shameless self promotion begin. Enjoy.

Review of the New Hard Rock Cafe in Yankee Stadium

Online Support Groups for Men Fighting Prostate Cancer

Professional Engagement Photographers in Westchester and Rockland County, New York
Five Fabulous Fall Wedding Dresses
Summer Festivals and Events in Westchester and Rockland County, New York
Book Review: Ender in Exile by Orson Scott Card
A Guide to Memorial Day Weekend in New York City
Pediatric Dentists in Rockland County and Northern New Jersey


Super Mega Dad said...


I've been on the fence about the new Ender book. I think I'll add that one to my "wish list" now. Nice review!

Card has come down to a local book store here a couple of times and he's really interesting to listen to. Been working on getting all of my Ender books signed. :)

evan said...

@SuperMegaDad, Glad the review was helpful; I’d just note that it does feel a little bit like he ran out of steam at the end... That said, there’s actually an interesting chapter at the end of Exile in which Card explains what a daunting project it is to keep track of all the minutiae of the Ender universe and avoid as many contradictions and continuity problems as possible. (And it sounds like he's local to that bookstore; what area of the country is he in?)

Super Mega Dad said...

Actually, he's on the opposite coast from me over in North Carolina, but we have a nice sci-fi/fantasy/mystery book store down in San Diego he comes to on occasion. Not to mention our yearly Comic-Con event. :) So, we get quite a few sci-fi authors coming to the area around that time of year.