Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chariots Of Adolescence

It’s been said that raising children is like having a window into one’s own past; a chance to both watch and relive one’s own childhood. Now while that sort of vaguely maudlin sentiment generally sets my teeth on edge, I must admit that as the boys have grown I have found myself doing just that: rediscovering and reliving a lot of cool kid-stuff that I haven’t thought about in a very, very long time. I had, for instance, long forgotten how much fun it can be to dig for worms and go fishing, build and fly rockets, play kickball in the back yard and stay up way too late watching old Mst3k episodes… you know, boy stuff.

Anyway, I had yet another one of those moments this weekend when I found myself volunteered as photographer for the Friends of Crawford Park fun-run and 5k race. Not only was it a mildly pleasant way to spend a beautiful fall morning, but it reminded me how much I loved running cross country in high school and that a lot of my weekends in the fall were spent running 5 and 10ks with the team. And even better, this year the boys came with me, so while I was busy taking pictures my ten-year-old ran the fun-run and the twelve year old ran the 5k… in a pretty respectable 29 minutes, I might add. Atta boy!

Actually, now that I think about it, why should I stop with simple kid stuff like fishing and running? I could involve them in anything I please. Have them do my bidding, if you will. I could maneuver them into professional sports! I could send them to Hollywood! I can just imagine them now, living out their lives fulfilling destinies pre-ordained to ensure that I can live vicariously through them forever… or maybe not. Seems like a lot of trouble. Just ask Dina Lohan.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just stick to our usual routine of casual fun stuff. I’m sure there’s still plenty for me to rediscover, and the boys will probably like me better for it anyway.

---(Oh, and speaking of Mystery Science Theater, if anybody has any episodes they’d like to trade, I’ve got a bunch. Lemme know. “Keep circulating the tapes!” –E)

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