Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Matt Is A Moron

I have no idea if this counts as a truism, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say this: Kids keep getting smarter and more fun as they grow up. There, call me crazy, but I said it and I’m standing by it. Unless of course you’ve somehow done it all wrong and raised your kids to be little monsters, in which case I have no sympathy for you. (Yeah, I’m looking at you, Phyllis Chambers.)

Anyway, that being said, our boys are now old enough to not only share in some of the decadent fun of prime time television, but they are even developing into pretty savvy viewers who bring a healthy dose of skeptical perspective to what we watch. Case in point: the boys are watching Heroes with us this season, and this is what our snarky little quorum has decided:

1. Matt is a moron. Despite being able to read minds he still spent all of last season bumbling around and getting played by literally every person he came into contact with. And this season, it’s more of the same: =“Go on, Molly, find the nightmare man for me, I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”= And,=“Sure dad, even though I know you’re an evil freak I’ll blindly follow you into that back room… what could possibly go wrong?” =Jeez.

2. Claire’s new boyfriend is obviously not the innocent he pretends to be; but is he good or bad? Can’t tell yet, but that story he trotted out for Claire’s benefit about the “man in the horn rimmed glasses” was almost painfully clumsy. Whichever side he turns out to be on though, our plot twist prediction for him is that he turns out to be the brother of that nasty little blond who’s looking for Peter. Bet on it

3. Hiro: what’s up with that whole storyline? --------Z z z z z z z z....

4. Mohinder has always been gullible, but it’s starting to look like Matt is rubbing off on him. He’s now handed Molly over to “Bob” whom he knows is not to be trusted, and even better, he allows Bob to send him away like an errand boy to New Orleans.

5. Prediction: Jessica is just pretending to be crazy again, and she is in fact the killer going after the 12 in the photograph. Or maybe that’s too obvious and it’s merely a red herring... =Nah, She’s the killer.

6. Nathan: He fell apart pretty quickly in just four months, didn’t he? =Anyway, we’re assuming since he had to visit his kids at a school in Washington that his wife has taken his seat in congress… =which will be pivotal later in the season.

7. And last but not least, as the boys and I are fond of reminding each other on a regular basis: - Matt is still a moron.


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