Friday, October 5, 2007

It's Columbus Day Again? 2007? Really?

That Columbus day weekend is here again can mean only one of two things: I was abducted by Homeland Security goons who took a shine to me and kept me longer than they meant, or (and this seems rather more likely) I’ve somehow managed to lose an entire year through sheer laziness.

Truly, one minute it’s still 2006 and I’m an engaged, topical-minded at-home-dad blogging away about dad/political/nonsense issues ‘til the wee hours each night, but the next thing I know it’s October 2007 and after slacking for a year I find myself feeling rather like Rip van Winkle after an epic snooze. Except without the long white beard. And I probably smell better, too.

So, a quick recap: This is no longer the Dads On The Couch as it was when I began this sometime early in 2003; when I turned 40 I became a born-again healthy guy by finding the gym and losing sixty or seventy pounds. In short, not so much with all the bacon cheese burgers and beer. Or couches. It’s all about the clean living now, baby.

And lets see, what else. 2007 has turned out to be quite a year, eh? My boys are in fifth and seventh grades enjoying all the fun and chaos that middle school has to offer, Britney continues her march toward self-parody, and the Democratic congress has retreated faster than Bruce Willis’ hairline. And since it’s October, the Yankees scraped their way into the playoffs while the Mets did whatever it is that the Mets do.

Anyway, if only because I feel like my creative life has stagnated and this outlet of mine could stand a little freshening up, here goes with Dad’s Off The Couch. I’m sure the On The Couch archive feels neglected as well, so there you go.

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