Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Brief, Politically Incorrect Rant.

As I pointed out yesterday, for me writing is a creative process that often involves an undue amount of thematic wandering before I manage to sneak up behind my literary prey and knock it senseless with a barrage of mixed metaphors and preposterous similes. The aftermath is rarely pretty.

That said, today is all about brevity... ,so this is all I have to say to the all the sheeple I sit behind in traffic every day: ,I don’t care about the bumper stickers on your car and I still don’t give a crap that you want to keep Christ in Christmas... ,and what’s more, the only reason you’re all worried about it is because Bill O’Reilly told you to be. Nobody’s out to get either you or Christmas. Get a life, you paranoid nitwits. ,And as long as we’re at it, I don’t care that you think it’s, “Ok to say Merry Christmas” ,to you, ‘cause I wasn’t going to anyway. You want validation of all your fears and that this artificially manufactured war on Christmas is real? Go watch Fox News and leave me out of it.

And you know, as long as I’m ranting, if you’re one of those smug bastards that has a bumper sticker that says, “I Pray. Deal With It!”, you can not only shove it, but please invite all your xenophobic neo-con friends to do so as well. You think Jesus is the bee’s knees? Great, I like Jesus too, just don’t be such a dick about it., Grrrrrrrr.

Whew. Ok, I think I’m done. Have a nice day!


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