Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hide me...

Day 28

So the next stage in our little renovation project has begun, namely looking at tile. ,Lotsa tile., Tile for this bathroom and that bathroom. ,Tile for the Kitchen. ,Tile for the floors and walls. ,Tiles for breakfast lunch and dinner. ,Gaaaa.

I’m actually doing ok so far; ,at every tile store I’m still nodding and ,“Hmmm-ing”, with a furrowed brow here and a chin stroke there, right on cue. ,I’m looking interested and even throwing in the occasional question just to mix it up, because we all know what happens if my Lovely Bride gets the feeling that I don’t care., Brrrrr.

Ooops, ,gotta go… ,I think I hear her coming and I can’t hide under this desk for much longer… ,pray for me…


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