Friday, November 23, 2007

The Gathering Storm.

And so the chaos begins. Not too long ago I mentioned that we’re going to be putting an addition on our house, which as best I can tell will throw our lives into a state of chaos unseen since we got married. Or moved here. Or had kids. Actually it’s more than that; , it looks as if this project will test the very bounds of human endurance. Well, our patience anyway.

To wit: this morning My Lovely Bride and I began the first round of moving/thinning/disposing of our crap, which meant innumerable trips to and fro the attic, which at one point this afternoon left our living room looking like this:

Not so bad at all really, and I know it’s nothing compared to the coming storm. Still, after today I know for sure that if our Blissful Union can survive the whole renovation to the end we will officially have the strongest marriage ever. ,(And we’d better, ‘cause New York isn’t a no-fault divorce state.) ===Permissum venatus suscipio!


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