Friday, November 16, 2007

Mmmmm, testosterone!

There’s not a lot of time to spend here today; ,by this afternoon I’ll be speeding south towards the bright lights, glitz and glamour that is Atlantic City! ,Woo hoo! ,Well, not so much glamour, but there sure are a lot of bright lights. ,Oh, all right. ,So Atlantic City is none of those things, but is actually a rather sad, grubby little place where dreams go to die., The dreams of elderly, obese smokers, mostly.

But hey, that said, it’s all good, ,‘cause a couple of times a year a few of my buddies and I go down there to celebrate our birthdays in style. It’s always fun in a typical Guy sort of way;, it’s a night away complete with gambling, some laughs and an embarrassingly extravagant dinner during which we gorge ourselves on a cow and some lobsters that were gracious enough to sacrifice themselves for our enjoyment.

Indulgent? Sure, but sometimes a testosterone-fueled weekend is just what the doctor ordered. ,See ya.



terancedubya said...

Hell sure to have a martini for me. And remember, just like in Vegas "What happens in Atlantic City...probably wasn't worth remembering in the first place." Happy trails.

Evan said...

I'm on it!