Saturday, November 17, 2007

Live and Learn. Again.

I realized some time ago that there are plenty of reasons that I’m glad to be a higher primate with a large forebrain, not the least of which is that being one affords me the advantage of appreciating the fact that I’m a higher primate with a large forebrain. Circular reasoning you say? Perhaps, but my point is that evolution was kind enough to provide me with this big noggin, and when I’m not using it for immaterial flights of irony like this I do occasionally, as they say, live and learn.

Case in point: ,I learned two things today. The first is that the rather snide tone I took with Atlantic City yesterday wasn’t entirely warranted. The Guys and I ended up staying at the Borgata Hotel, and it’s not really the sort of, place where elderly, obese smoker’s dreams go to die” ,as I had implied that all of A.C. is. ,The Borgata is actually pretty nice. ,Go figure.

The second thing I learned is actually a repeat lesson, which is that as much as I’d like to believe that I’m indispensable around here… ,I’m not. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but once again I left for an entire day and everybody did just fine. Not only were the boys fed, dressed and healthy when I got home, but apparently there wasn’t even so much as a Marx Brother’s-like mix up involving either plumbing, farm animals or Margaret Dumont.

Of course that’s probably all for the best, because if my family was prone to such high-jinx I wouldn’t be able to sneak away at all, now would I? ,(Although I am tickled by the notion of my boys going toe-to-toe with Margaret. ,She wouldn’t have stood a chance with them either.)


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terancedubya said...

Nice. I checked out that link you've got for the Borgata. Damn, their top floor suites are as big as my house, and I don't even have a "powder room", just a regular bathroom with a toilet for a seat and a medicine cabinet for a mirror.