Friday, November 30, 2007

The finish line. (although I hear that Norwegian Line’s boats are nicer)

Well Bloppers, November is gasping its last and I hope most of you made it. As I noted yesterday I think the exercise of blogging every day was well worth it, even if I was personally responsible for clogging up more than my share of Senator Steven’s tubes with a lot of drivel about my kids, Dancing with the Stars and Halo3.

Aaand speaking of kids… ,just this morning I was appalled when I saw this bizarre poster at the Palisades mall today:

Really? Is this how far we’ve let common civility slide in our culture? We not only tolerate but expect that our children will be shrill, materialistic little monsters?

I guess that’s exactly what it means, but still, the message that I prefer to take away from this sign is that the cosmos is laying a little bit of a serendipitous kudos on me, ,my at-home-dad parenting skills and my well behaved boys. And jeez it’s not even like it’s that complicated to raise not-monster kids. Now of course Children of the Corn is a different matter…, now that I think about it even they were fastidiously polite while they were busy being evil. ,Whatever.

Have a great December!


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Denguy said...

I suppose, as long as none of your kids are called "Malachai", you'll be fine.