Thursday, November 8, 2007

Crystal? Really?

Day 8

Does fifteen years seem like a long time? I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. Fifteen seems like a long time to me, but if you’re a quahog clam, that many years probably goes by in the blink of an eye; ,and as long as we’re at it, Cubs fans also probably measure time in decades rather than years. Actually now that I think about it, I’m really glad that I’m neither a long suffering Chicago fan nor an ex-bivalve from the arctic circle. And not just because they share similar climates.

Anyhoo, today is, by no small coincidence, my fifteen year anniversary with my Lovely Bride. So, how do I play that? As best I can tell I have two choices. 1: Fifteen years seems like forever which is a good thing because “each year is just a little bit more magical than the last, honey” or 2: Fifteen years seems like nothing because “even though time flies when you’re having fun, I’m having the time of my life, dear.” ,Damn, I’m romantic.

Finally though, I’m not going to bother picking one over the other. I’m I lucky guy. I love my wife, and (as best I can tell) she feels the same about me, so I’m going with option 1 and 2. There, done.



Denguy said...

Fifteen years, eh? That's got me beat, I've only been married for 12.

Evan said...

...and before you know it you'll be sitting in a VFW hall somewhere with friends and family toasting your 50th...