Saturday, November 10, 2007

Keeps Going and Going...

There are few things I enjoy more than entertaining. Not the vaudeville variety mind you, but more of the cooking food and sitting around kind. I guess I could sing and dance if I really had to, but I’m at the age where I’ve accepted the fact that grilling stuff and having a few beers is more my skill set. What’s funny though, is that I had completely forgotten how easy it is to fall out of practice at some things..., some skill sets are not forever. ,Like chasing toddlers.

It was just this afternoon that some close friends came over with their eighteen month old bundle of joy;, a precocious bundle of toddling energy who was thrilled with all the challenges that came with the new environment that is our house: ,cabinets full of whatever, stairs, knick knacks, garbage cans and so on. It was a fun afternoon, but it reminded of two things: that adorable, sweet natured toddlers are an absolute joy to be around, and despite that I have now idea how I survived raising two of my own. Maybe I was just too young to be tired back then.

Anyway, ,kudos to the Doodle and her awesome parents, who are doing a great job. Goodness knows the grilling and entertaining was the easy job today.


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Denguy said...

I had a similar experience this week with an 18-month-old in my home. Boy, this kid got around. He wore me out!