Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Things I care way too much about. Like Dancing with the Stars. And conspiracy theories.

There are any number of reasons that people blog;, and the range, as we all know, is pretty wide. Some engage in erudite discourse about the loftiest ideals, some blog about what they fed the cat for lunch, and still others like to ramble on about idiotic conspiracy theories. And today I’m proud to present my very own homemade conspiracy theory that’s been carefully wrapped in crazy and topped off with a dash of ridiculous. ,And it’s about Dancing with the Stars, no less.

So here it is:, I’m absolutely convinced that Carrie Ann threw the judging last night when she gave Helio and Julianne that 9 for their second dance. The dance was clearly worth a 10, which I believe put Carrie Ann in the tough position of having to give them the praise the dance warranted and yet still somehow justify a 9. ,So, if you watch her comments closely you’ll see that she’s scrambling at the end to come up that lame excuse about Helio’s lifts not being smooth enough., Whaa?

Of course every idiotic conspiracy theory has to have a rationale, so… , I think Carrie Ann is in cahoots with Mel and Max who are supposed to win tonight, except that they didn’t dance well enough to make it a lock…, which forced Carry Anne’s hand when Helio and Julianne surprised everyone by turning in the best dance of the night. See?, It’s clear that the fix is in at Dancing with the Stars. , Really. ,Why is everybody looking at me like that? ,Here, ,look:


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Lillian said...

Hey Evan,
Love reading your blog from time to time. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season. Lil