Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Imminent Chaos. And Bathrooms.

Just this morning I was trying to think of just how many fundamental, life-altering events I’ve experienced. As best I can tell, the short list includes, but is not limited to: buying a house, getting married, having kids, learning to tie my own shoes… you know, the big stuff. ,(There is of course a whole other category of awesome life altering events, but this is a family friendly blog… and actually I’m not even sure if I’m allowed to think about those things anymore…)

Anyway, this morning my Lovely Bride and I finally committed to a brand new project; one that may be slightly less important than bearing children, but still promises to create at least as much chaos for us in the coming months. We have, in short, decided on a contractor who’ll be expanding our house. It’s a big step for us because it kills three enormous birds with one metaphorical stone. ,1: we’ll finally be able to separate the boys as the older lad is long overdue for his own room, ,2: my Lovely Bride and I will have a bedroom large enough so that we’ll no longer have to do rock/paper/scissors to see who has to crawl over the bed to get out in the morning, and ,3: at the age of forty two I will for the first time in my life finally have my own damn bathroom.

Yup, a master bath, just for me. Well, and my Lovely Bride too, but the point is up until now we were all sharing one bathroom off the hallway, and I’ve had quite enough of that. It wasn’t that big a deal when the boys were younger, but as they’ve grown so has the volume and variety of traffic through the house, which means that I can’t so much as leave our room to go pee without getting dressed and waving a cordial hello to whichever neighborhood kid I may pass on the way. ,Grrrr.

So, let the chaos and tumult of construction begin. What could possibly go wrong?



Leanne said...


I could think of a hundred things!

We're starting this sort of a project next spring. I'm gonna check back with you over the next few weeks and SEE what goes wrong.

I want the end result, just not the work to get there....sort of like being pregnant I guess. :)

Evan said...

Hey, now don’t go jinxing us... But yeah, just think, unlike a pregnancy there’s no possibility that this project will end up disappointing us by crashing our cars, dropping out of college and becoming a drummer in a really bad rock band. I hope.

Good luck with yours!