Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lessons Learned and a Bit of Incoherent Rambling. Or: I’m Sick, Day Three.

Live and learn, I always say. Or at least I mean to say that, but since true learning experiences are pretty rare for me, it’s not really very often that the opportunity presents itself. Anyway, in this case it seems I’ve learned that I was all wrong yesterday as I was ranting about the malevolent spirits and pixies that I assumed were the source of this horrendous head-stuffin’, nose-runnin’ ,general bitching and moanin’ ,head cold that has me in its death grip.

It seems, I’ve since been told, that it really isn’t spiteful fairies who are responsible for all this sneezy misery, but germs. Germs? Really? Little bastards, I’ll show them. Just like Kurtz, I’ll “bomb them all.”= Yeah, that’s the answer, I’ll carpet bomb the little beggars, but instead of napalm, I think a handful of Motrin and a fifth of Johnny Walker should wipe them out. ,Yeah.

Or then again maybe I should just go take a nap. I wouldn’t want to upset the balance of Humors in my liver. Did I mention that I’m really, really tired of being sick?= Blech.



Denguy said...

I'm not sure Johnny Walker is the best cure for a cold. *Hic.*

Evan said...

Hey, I'm no *hic*... I prefer to think of myself as a *hillbilly*...