Sunday, November 11, 2007

NaBloPoMo... Day Eleven

Well, it’s another a crisp, beautiful Sunday morning. The fall colors are at their peak, the geese are on their way southbound, and there’s even a little frost on the pumpkin, as it were. So what does that mean to me? Well, I’ve just dropped my Lovely Bride and the boys off at church, so now it’s just me and my laptop sitting here in the parking lot, waiting for those creative blogging juices to start flowing. ,Come onnnn, juices.

Actually, so far this whole exercise of blogging every day during November has been a good experience in that it’s forcing me to tighten up my daily routine just a little bit; and more than that it’s probably done as much as anything else to get my at-home-dad addled brain working again. Who’da thunk that staying at home with little people all day every day would turn your brain into mush so quickly? ,(Yeah, I know, I can practically hear whole generations of moms rolling their eyes right now.)

Anyway, it looks like church is about over and I’m out of time, so I guess instead of posting one of my staggeringly brilliant pieces like usual, this dreary little aperitif will have to suffice…, hey, maybe if I actually go inside next Sunday God’ll do me a solid and slip me a little inspiration. Is that how that works? Then again that’s probably a weighty question left for another day. ,See ya.


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Denguy said...

Creative juices, eh? Once I mixed apple juice with lemon and pineapple. It tasted fine.