Monday, November 26, 2007

Master Chief Makes Me Feel Funny...

In keeping with the habit of brevity that I’ve been trying to cultivate here lately, please indulge me as I toss out the following declarative statement with no further build up. ,Ready? ,Here goes: ,I’m at a stage in life in which I’m down to very few vices. Actually I have so few left the number is embarrassingly close to zero, what with me firmly entrenched in my forties and being the very model of a modern major father figure… ,as it were.

That said, one of my knucklehead boys managed to step on/destroy/mangle our Halo3 disk this weekend, which left me unaccountably distraught until I realized in the midst of my grief that I seem be involved in a love-hate relationship with Master Chief as potentially destructive as that between Lindsey Lohan and booze., Or Paris Hilton and herself. ,You get the idea. ,I am, ,in short, ,pining for Master Chief. I used to hate both him and that damn game, and yet I kept playing it. ,A lot. ,Aw jeez, I guess I’m supposed to say it out loud: ,“Hi, my name is Evan and I’m addicted to Halo3.”

Really, as much as I whined about Big Team Battles and the sheer stupidity of Oddball, I was still getting better at beating down newbs and nose-scoping the better guys. My rank in Lone Wolves was 13 with 95 total experience, for heaven’s sake., (Good Lord, did that just sound as nerdy as I thought it did?) ,Yeah, think I need help for my latest addiction. ,Or…, at least another copy of the game.

Yeah, I’m just going to go out and get another copy of the game. What the hell, even if it is a nerdy addiction that’s turning my brain to mush at least it’s not killing my liver. ,Go me!


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