Monday, November 19, 2007

Dawdling, Podcasting and Algebra. The Long Way.

There’s no question about it, I’m not merely behind on most things, I’m a highly skilled procrastinator. The interesting thing about that though, is that it’s not even just nasty bits of business like checking the boy’s homework and taking care of a certain plumbing problem that makes me squeamish that I fall behind on; I even mange to lose track of things I enjoy. Which makes no sense, but there it is.

But, here we are in the 21st century and at least one of those nagging issues has been solved for me with the ability to, as true geeks put it,, “time shift my entertainment choices.” ,Or, simply put for mere humans such as myself,, “podcasts are awesome because now I never have to miss any of my favorite shows, ever.” ,So now it no longer matters if I miss a week with Car Talk and the Tapppert boys, because they live on in perpetuity on my Zen V like cloistered nuns, waiting patiently for my attention. ,Or something like that.

…And I know, I know, it’s always a long trip from the first sentence of one of these posts to whatever it is I’m trying to get at, so here it is in a nutshell: I just got around to listening to the Car Talk puzzler from three weeks ago, and as intractable a problem as it seemed to me, my older boy rolled up his sleeves and figured it out. The right way, no less… using algebra.

Granted, after staring at the answer it’s all clear to me now, but the point is I gots me a boy who practically oozes smartosity, and I couldn’t be prouder. ,And maybe just a teensy bit jealous, but mostly proud.


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