Monday, November 12, 2007


We're certainly a smart lot as a species, aren't we? We've figured out all sorts of things, albeit some more useful than others. We know, for instance how to keep milk from spoiling and how to make airplanes fly. On the other hand, we also know how to split atoms and make sneakers with wheels; ,both things we could probably have done without.

Either way, it occurred to me this morning that it's all too easy to sit here in the comfort of the twenty first century and be smug about all the things that we think we have figured out. For instance, when it comes to this nasty head cold that my kids and I have been passing back forth I firmly believe that it’s just as likely that evil spirits are responsible for all this misery as the so-called “germs” that science would have us believe.

Think about it, if microscopic germs are real I can’t possibly see what they could have against me or why they’ve chosen to curse our little household. And what’s more, they’re so tiny I can’t even imagine how they could come up with a plan to make us so stuffy, runny and generally miserable, let alone carry it out. No, an infestation of spiteful pixies makes much more sense.

So, that said, it’s all chanting, wearing garlic and lighting incense for me tonight. ,Well..., and maybe just a little bit of Tylenol. Damn, I guess I really am just a week-kneed secular humanist at heart. Oh well.

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